1. Guide to booking appointments

The receptionist will ask what length of appointment you require.  You may book  10,20,30 or 40 minutes.
Please request as realistically as you are able according to the number & complexity of issues that you wish to discuss

For example
10 Min
Single medical issue, repeat script, review of results, referrals other than  those for psychologists, antenatal visits,  childrens illnesses
20 Min
Multiple isssues, mental health issues, Pap smear tests, health checkups, surgical procedures, first appointments, post natal checks
30 to 40 min
Counselling, complicated multipe issues

The doctor will try to keep close to these times to enable running on time.

2. Missed appointments/late cancellations

These interfere with efficiency & accessibility.  All appointments require a 24 hour for  notice of cancellation.
 This allows time to re-book. 
Where the required notice has not been given & it has been too late to fill this time, then a small fee is charged to contribute to costs incurred.

3. Home visits

If mobility restricted, these are possible subject to doctor availability.  Otherwise we will inform you of alternate arrangements such as calling the Locum Service or other referal.
Our Locum Service is National Home Doctor Service 137425

4. Referrals

A repeat referal to a specialist is required each year. A consultation is need to ensure current medical information is upgraded and  report relayed to the specialist.

5. Repeat scripts

A consultation with the doctor is generally needed to assess current status of the medical condition being treated and that current management is still the most appropriate.
The need for review enables best medical care as well as meeting medico legal responsibilities.

6. Test results

If a result is abnormal you will be contacted and advised that an appointment is a necessity to discuss the result and proposed management.
You are not contacted with normal results but it is encouraged that you ring the clinic or ring to confirm that your result was coded normal.
The doctor may have advised the need for a follow up appointment regardless of the result as further explanation is required.

7. Telephone and other forms of communication

(Please see our full policy re our doctors returning telephone calls regarding your clinical care.)
 Any call regarding an aspect of a recent consultation will be returned (unless urgent) at the end of clinic.  In general, advice about a condition cannot be safely given over the telephone and it is best to make an appointment to avoid any inaccuracy in assessment and advice.

SMS and email are less secure forms of communication and not commonly used. If you are happy to receive SMS reminders or advice of normal results we require your recorded consent. 

8. After hours

If you ring after hours you will be given the number of the National Home Doctor Service 137425.
The locum service will ask for your details and symptoms. They will advise on waiting time, fees etc.
After the visit they will send a report to your usual G.P.

9. Privacy

CCHP is an accredited practice with systems in place to ensure security and privacy of your medical information.
At the time of making an appointment and at presentation to the clinic we check not only your name but also D.O.B. and address. This may seem repetitive however it is a precaution to ensure that the correct medical record is accessed.
It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information & to ensure that this information is available only to authorised members of  staff unless at your specific signed request.
Please enquire should you wish to see our full privacy policy.

10.Interpreter required

If you have special communication needs, the receptionist can organize telephone assistance. When you book your appt please request and we will organise.

Practice Hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm

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